Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Why do we need to register

We are part of the Parklife Project which is an FA initiative to ensure the income generated at the football clubs is put back into funding grassroot football within the local area. The FA and Sport England require the data generated from registrations and the in club turnstiles to analyse trends and participation. Furthermore registration is compulsory to meet our safeguarding requirements, we need to know you have consent and or are fit and well to participate in activities within the club. Each registration will be sent a unique QR code that will give them access in club via the turnstile.

+ How do you register

The quickest and most efficient way is to register online prior to arrival - click on the button saying ‘register now’, fill in all the fields and you will then get emailed your own QR code which you can save onto your mobile phone or print off to gain access in club.

Alternatively, you can register in club when the site is open.

+ Does the same QR code work for all Parklife football clubs

Yes! Your personalised QR code gives you access to all Parklife football clubs so you’ll only ever have to register once

+ Do I need to register all my team players and or family members

Yes! Each player/spectator will need to register so they all get their own individual unique QR code.

+ Do I still need to register if I’m not playing and just a spectator

Yes! Any person wanting to access the pitches will need to register and have their own QR code to gain access through the turnstiles

+ I’m only using the pitch this one time do I need to register

Yes! You will only need to register once and its instant, it will also give you access to all the clubs should you wish to use one in future.

+ I’ve forgotten my password how can I log back in to retrieve my code

If you still know your username you can request to change your password with the ‘forgotten password’ tab. If you don’t remember your username then please email us

+ How do I access my partner/child details on my account

If you have registered your family/team on to your account you can access their individual QR codes by clicking on the "relationship" tab on the left hand side. When you have clicked on "relationships" the individual details for all the people you have registered should be on there. If you click on their ‘URN’ number you can gain access to their individual QR code.

Get in touch

Should you have any further questions then please get in touch on email